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Available Dogs For Sale

10 week old Pedigree puppies $4,750

Jago is one regal male German shepherd. This titled 3-year-old performs superbly in Protection Work with a full and calm bite. A level-headed canine with an extremely high drive. Jago applies his enthusiasm equally well to Protection and Obedience Work. In addition, Jago is socially adept in a family setting and with other dogs.
Jago can be a tried and true companion for your household, suitable for breeding. He is titled IPO1 A-97, B-87, C-92 and expected to be titled IPO2 and is ready to test for IPO3. Oficial x-rays A/A.

This impressive performer is available at $22,000 US dollars plus shipping.

Baro is a handsome, show titled male German Shepherd. He is highly socialized with other dogs and in a family setting. As seen in the videos, Baro is a lively well trained dog in Obedience and Protection Work. This eager to please 3 year old is titled BH and SVV1, and is completely qualified for breeding, and has korung and official x-rays A/A.
You can enjoy having peace of mind in your home with this lovable, highly competent security dog. Available at $16,800 US dollars plus shipping.

Nico is a majestic pedigreed 13 month old German shepherd with a healthy, solid body and clean x-rays. This eager to please pup is coming along nicely with obedience training and protection work. Since Nico is social with adults, children and other dogs, he is an ideal family protection dog.
Any family would be lucky to welcome this friendly, attentive German shepherd into their lives.
$6750 US dollars – shipped.

Deryl is a handsome, top notch pedigreed 10 month old family protection dog. He is fully trained and in excellent health (including x-rays). Starting training at 2 months, Deryl was the pick of the litter and has consistently showed promise in all areas – eager to please in obedience training and a strong drive and calm bite work. He would be a great prospect for dual purpose and is ready to complete training for sport.

This level-headed dog is ideal for a family. Deryl is quite social with adults, children, and other dogs. Though Deryl is a large dog, he is easy –going and not dominant. Please contact us at your earliest convenience if you are interested in acquiring this one of a kind German Shepherd.

At his current training level, Deryl is available at $10,800 US dollars shipped. Additional training is available upon request.

Here’s Chana, a big beautiful, highly trained 2.5 year old female German shepherd. With a great pedigree and healthy vet checks, Chana will not only be a loyal protection dog but a great addition to your family. She loves children and is quite social with other dogs. As seen in the videos, she is eager to please and is skilled in both obedience and bite work.

This healthy lass will provide the security and companionship you are looking for, at a reasonable price. $8,000 US dollars, shipping available

From her lush coat to her regal stance, Nela is by all means a beautiful 12 month old female German shepherd. As shown in the videos, she is progressing well in obedience training and protection work. Nela is in good health and very social. Her demeanor is playful with other dogs and very friendly with children.

This level-headed beauty can be a first class addition to your household. She is reasonably priced at $7250 US dollars shipped.

If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to own a handsome Malinois with a lively personality, now’s the time. Max is a dark colored Malinois with an impressive pedigree. At 15 months old, Max has been well trained in the sport IPO and tracking. Max has a very high drive in work, with a full yet calm bite. Max is quite socially adept – good with children and playful with other dogs. This level-headed canine would be a marvelous addition to your household. Best of all, this pedigreed Malinois is reasonably priced. Total price $8,950 US dollars shipped. Please Note: Contact us at your earliest convenience if you have an interest in acquiring this one of a kind dog. Since this dog has all the desirable traits for a great household dog, we expect Max to sell fast.

Here’s a big bruiser worth taking a second look at. Agar is a huge lovable German Shepherd Belgian Malinois mix. This handsome 18 month old male is both suitable as a protection dog and a family dog. Agar has been well trained in protection work, making him a highly competent security dog. As seen in the video, Agar is quite socially adept – good with children and playful with other dogs. Best of all, this gentle giant is reasonably priced. Total price $6750 US dollars shipped.

Please note: Please contact us at your earliest convenience if you have an interest in acquiring this impressive dog. Since Agar is a great family protection dog, we expect him to sell quickly.

Chiara is a regal, pedigreed, female German shepherd, just waiting for the right home. If you have already viewed the videos, you know this dog is the real deal. Chiara is 19 months old with a pedigree from a high quality Old World European line. She is both a show and working titled canine. When she is working she aims to please. At home Chiara is very playful with children and other dogs. This protection dog is top of the line and fairly priced. Total price $9750 US dollars shipped.

Mia is a beautiful, well-built German shepherd with a strong drive and a sweet demeanor. Trained in obedience and protection work, this girl just turned 3 years old with good health and excellent x-rays. Mia is very social, friendly with family and other dogs. As evidenced in the video, she can be quite gentle and playful with children. On the other hand, when it’s comes to protection work, Mia gets right down to business, which makes her an excellent security dog. She is intelligent, appropriately responsive and eager to please. Any family will be lucky to own this level-headed lass. She can be yours for the reasonable price of $5660 US dollars plus shipping.

Meet Jack, a hearty, well-built 2.5 year-old male German Shepherd from Bulgaria. Jack’s pedigree includes a fine line of titled working show dogs. As seen in the video, this eager to please canine possesses a strong work drive in basic obedience and protection work. This lovable, level-headed canine is social with children and friendly with other dogs, making him an ideal family protection dog. Best of all this well-bred German Shepherd is reasonably priced at $8,950 US dollars.

Meet Tasha a 3 year old female German Shepherd. She is from a fine pedigree show line and titled in both show and BH. Tasha is very obedient with outstanding protection work. In addition, she is easy to handle, eager to please and very social which makes her more appealing. If you are interested in having a beautiful European pedigree executive protection dog join your family, you should consider her. Total price $9,500 US dollars

Meet Deasy a 12 month old female Belgian Malinois suitable for dual purpose. She has high energy and a very strong drive. She is a very happy dog best suited for a strong handler. Price $6,950

Meet Agir a Dual Purpose Dog, 12 Month Old Male Belgian Malinois

Meet Gregory an almost 2 year old Male. Dark sable and great working personal protection dog. He needs a strong handler. Ask for price.

Meet Aaron a 2 year old male of European Pedigree; Basic Obedience and Protection Trained. He will search building for intruders, rides well in car, sociable with people and other dogs. $12,800 includes 10 group dog handler classes in Denver area.

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