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Dogs We Have Sold

Meet Marco a Dual Purpose Dog, 11 Month Old Male of GSD pedigree; High drive and very social in all faces

Meet Ava a 2 year old female with pedigree. She is very social, has a strong drive with excellent protection work. She has good x-rays.  Ask for price.

Meet Endy Enixa 6 Month Old Female Puppy; only starting training obedience and no protection work yet.  She can be trained to meet clients needs.  $4,200 US Dollars including shipping. Price will increase with training.  Her sister Ela has sold.

Meet Argo a 2 year old Male Belgian Malinois. Very nice looking, solid, with great Pedigree. He is fully trained with amazing protection work. Total price is $8,800 USD includes shipping fees.

 Meet Ergo a 2 year old male German Shepherd with super pedigree
  • Titled BH and Fpr1
  • Suitable as a family-home protection dog
  • Very social, happy and good with kids and other dogs
  • Protection work is not strong however perfect for a family
$8,300 USD including shipping fees

Meet Ela Enixa 6 Month Old Female Puppy; only starting training obedience and no protection work yet.  She can be trained to meet clients needs.  $6,500 US Dollars including shipping. Price will increase to $7,500 with training.

Meet Byron a 3 year old male German Shepherd with Pedigree. He has basic obedience and protection work. He is great looking, very social and has good X-Rays.  Price: $7,600

Meet Beky a 13 month old Belgian Malinois with basic obedience and protection work. She is a small, very happy dog with very good pedigree. Price $6,500

Meet Lori a 20 month old Female German Shepherd with pedigree. She is great as a family personal protection dog only $6,750 through June.

Meet Eddy an 18 Month Old Male GSD. He is very social with excellent x-rays and pedigree.  He has a strong drive in protection work and obedience. He is currently in Slovakia with a pet passport available to be shipped worldwide. Price $9,000 including shipping.

Meet Brek 15 Month Old Male; no Pedigree, very strong drive, well suited for advanced protection dual purpose police dog. Price $8,400

Meet Axel a 3 year old Male German Sherpard with Old Czechoslovakian blood lines. He has a nice pedigree, good obedience and is suitable as a family protection dog.

Meet Hero Ja Na Ka a 12 month old, very handsome, male German Shepherd. He is social with dogs and children. Price $8,900

Meet Jean

Meet Kameron, a large solid 2.5 year old male pedigree GSD. Fully trained, Working and Show titled with x-rays. Very social and good with children. Gets along with female dogs and selective males. If you are interested in purchasing a dog that you can show and compete with Kameron is for you. He is well suited for family personal protection and will make a wonderful companion pet. Available now for only $9,650

Meet Black a 13 month old non pedigree male German Shepherd that is very energetic and takes his training seriously. He is well suited as an executive or family protection dog. He could easily be trained as a search and rescue or police dog. Black would be just as comfortable being a house companion and is available for only $6,550 or we will provide additional training to meet your personal needs.

Meet Roky, a very nice 18 month old male German Shepherd without pedigree. He has a strong drive and aims to please. He is social both with children and other dogs. Roky has very nice protection work as well obedience. He would make an excellent family personal protection dog and also has the ability to be a dual purpose police dog. Available now for only $6,750 additional training to meet your personal needs can be arranged.

Meet Banny - He is a 5 month old German Shepherd from a European Show Line. He is ready to be shipped to a new home. Click Here to check out his pedigree. Price $4,500

Meet Juli - She is a female German Shepherd with a good pedigree. She will be available mid to late June as she is completing her training. Price $6,750-$8,750 depending on level of training.

Meet Jeck. Here is the opportunity to enter the show arena with a titled European German Shepherd or start your own breeding program. Jeck is a 4 year old male titled BH, IPO1 and IPO2. He is very social and loves to play with children while still being able to provide great protection work. Total price is $9,800 included shipping fees.

Here’s a GSD charmer named Nessy. At 12 months old, she is coming along nicely in obedience training and bite work. Nessy enjoys the training, eager to please and enthusiastic. This perky female is in excellent health, including x-rays.

Being very social with children and other dogs, Nessy would make an ideal family dog. You can have this alert, well-bred German shepherd prance into your life at the reasonable price of $6750 US dollars shipped.

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